April 13th - 26th 2023

Gamedev.js Jam 2023:
Challenges winners,
and expert feedback

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Gamedev.js Jam celebrated Web games by building HTML5 creations within 13 days of the jam on a given theme, between April 13th, 5 PM CET and April 26th, 5 PM CET 2023.

Below is the list of winners from all the Challenges: Open Source, Flash Revival, Web3, Arcadians, Overlord's Arena, and Interoperability. Judged by experts and awarded with prizes. There are also top5 picks by experts from overall results along with their feedback.

Check the detailed list of winners from:

Top5 picks with feedback from experts.

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Open Source Challenge by GitHub winners

  1. 1. Ratatime
  2. 2. Time Rush
  3. 3. Latency
  4. 4. On Time
  5. 5. Chrono Blaster
  6. 6. Timeshifter
  7. 7. Chrono Robot
  8. 7. Time Saver
  9. 9. Toki
  10. 9. Chrono Guards
  11. 11. The Bow Fighters
  12. 12. Time Warp
  13. 13. Birds!

Below you can read the feedback from the experts: Michelle Mannering, Ewa Mazur, and Ania Kubów.

1. Ratatime

Ewa Mazur: I love the idea of switching the mood of the game. Both of them are very well done. You really can use the time in this game, so the game jam theme was very well implemented here.

Ania Kubów: This game was very well thought out on all aspects. From everything to game play, to game design and music. The game play was also easy and enjoyable. As an overall package I would give it high scores.

2. Time Rush

Ewa Mazur: Really cool, complete and very polished platform game. Music makes it dynamic, controls work fantastic. I love all the little details like moving background, character particles, time shaking, when it's almost run out. Everything is just perfect. Graphics complete the game mood - fantastic job.

Ania Kubów: I enjoyed how the author really put emphasis on the importance of time by making all the assets linked to its deplention. You can tell the theme was really thought about.

3. Latency

Ewa Mazur: Cool graphics, and game mood, hard to play, but the challenge is fascinating and I simply wanted to spend my time on playing the game.

Ania Kubów: This game had cute graphics and a simple game play which allowed me to start playing instantly. But do not be deceived, passing to the next level is harder than it looks!

4. On Time

Ewa Mazur: The graphic is fantastic. You definitely build the mood of the city in rush hours very well. The game is complete, fun to play, nothing to add.

Ania Kubów: One of my favourite things about this game was the pace! Makes sense with the title name of being 'on time' as the pace really envokes a feeling of being in a rush. Ontop of that the game play was super smooth.

5. Chrono Blaster

Ewa Mazur: Very well done, nicely looking platform game.

Ania Kubów: Really enjoyed the graphics and colour scheem in this game. In addition to this the movements were super smooth which matched the overall ambience and provided an enjoyable game experience.

6. Timeshifter

Ania Kubów: I enjoy a logic game and this one was delightful! The timer added an extra layer of pressure which I thought was a good touch.

7. Chrono Robot

Ania Kubów: Having to time your movements in order to be able to wrk with them in the 'future' is always a fun spin in games. The dev leaderboard is also a nice touch.

7. Time Saver

Ewa Mazur: It was very hard for me to play the game, but still I love the idea and the look of it. Game mood is very well done - all game elements are building it - music fits to graphics, graphics fits to task, animations making it all complete. And I love the idea of literally saving time. Great job.

9. Toki

Ewa Mazur: Really nice looking game. I love how you implemented the tutorial into the gameplay - it's perfect.

Ania Kubów: The movements to this game were very smooth and pleasant to play. There were also unique game tools to the users disposal ontop of the normal 'jump' and 'shoot'.

9. Chrono Guards

Ewa Mazur: Easy to play, really nice game, yet the idea of it is very well fitting to the game jam theme. I like how the graphics make it little bit magical. Maybe I would think of some more delicate details, like some particles, lightning or something like this, so the mood of the game would be even more magical. but it's just details - the game is very cool right now.

11. The Bow Fighters

Ewa Mazur: What tooks my heart was that the game looks really nice. It was a little bit hard for me to discover how to play (I'm not reading the instructions), but then the game was really good.

Ania Kubów: This game had some great zoom effects that really allowed the player to understand who's turn it was. I also enjoyed the objective very much.

12. Time Warp

Ewa Mazur: I really like the mirror idea of the game. It's nicely looking, clean, simple and yet complete - well done.

Ania Kubów: In this game the added complexity of travelling in time added many layers to this game. I enjoy when a game looks simple and minimalistic, but in reality is alot more complex, whilst also remaining easy to play. This game did just that.

13. Birds!

Ewa Mazur: Fun, great and creative implementation of the theme. Consistent graphics. Clever, addictive. A convincing story.

Flash Revival Challenge by CrazyGames winners

  1. 1. Evade
  2. 2. Aging Monsters Battle
  3. 3. Time To Escape
  4. 4. Chrono Clash
  5. 5. ChronolocK
  6. 6. Chrono Robot - Overlord in Arcadia City edition
  7. 7. Zeitrauser
  8. 8. Time Warrior
  9. 9. Time Miner
  10. 10. Pick the lock!

Below you can read the feedback from the experts: Raf Mertens and Rafael Morgan.

1. Evade

Raf Mertens: Very cool game, I would love to see how this concept could evolve.

2. Aging Monsters Battle

Raf Mertens: Cool and addictive gameplay! Nice inspiration and sounds + music make the game feel more complete.

3. Time To Escape

Rafael Morgan: That's fun!

4. Chrono Clash

Raf Mertens: It's a nice idea and quite fun to play.

5. ChronolocK

Rafael Morgan: Art style very cool. The music is crazy good, dunno if it was made for this game. The gameplay itself was very easy and not hugely satisfying but was good.

6. Chrono Robot - Overlord in Arcadia City edition

Raf Mertens: Interesting and clever puzzles.

7. Zeitrauser

Rafael Morgan: Fun, cool time rewind mechanic, has potential.

8. Time Warrior

Raf Mertens: I think there is room for improvement but it was good enough to make me stick to it until the end.

9. Time Miner

Rafael Morgan: Very short, but a nice idea based on a cool Flash game. I could see this becoming more.

10. Pick the lock!

Raf Mertens: This was nice actually, interesting idea for a casual game. I think it needs to be a bit easier in the first levels, but good job overall!

Web3 Challenge by Game7 winners

  1. 1. Toki
  2. 2. Multiverse Space Wars
  3. 2. Chrono Robot
  4. 4. Token Run

Below you can read the feedback from the experts: Leon Do and Brett Cleary.

1. Toki

Brett Cleary: I used NEAR to buy an in game skin on testnet in game and it worked. The lore, sound, level design, and art were all fantastic. Only 3 levels but the were a solid challenge. This team had a unique and clear vision and executed on it well. The only thing I would have wanted more of was in game tokenized items that affected gameplay and not just in cosmetic ways.

2. Multiverse Space Wars

Brett Cleary: Near wallet. Not sure what add_support function is doing. Art decent. No sound. Text based adventure so gameplay is simple. Other areas of game design need to be better to compensate.

2. Chrono Robot

Brett Cleary: The web3 element seems to only be possible if the player beats the game with really good scores. This takes a very long time so I couldn't test this. It would be nice to see the web3 elements more prominent and for them to affect gameplay. Other than that, the game was extremely fun and the level design was S tier. Art is okay. Music is fun.

4. Token Run

Brett Cleary: Art could be better. No sound. Game feels a bit laggy. Minting tokens is a simple P2E model. Would be nice to see experiments with new models or ways to use the tokens in game.

Arcadians Challenge by OP Games winners

  1. 1. Time Mayhem
  2. 2. Chrono Robot
  3. 3. Toki
  4. 4. Arcadian Arena
  5. 5. Chrono Guards
  6. 6. Arcadian Guy vs Hypnosis Mage

Below you can read the feedback from the experts: Paul Gadi and Taufik Sani.

1. Time Mayhem

Paul Gadi: Fun base game, I like the exploration of using a different HP system. Juicy combat reminds me of soldat. Impressive use of animated Arcadians.

Taufik Sani: I love how you can play as a default Arcadian, eliminating other Arcadians. The pixel art of the game resonates a lot of with the art of Arcadia.

2. Chrono Robot

Paul Gadi: Fun braid-like mechanic, cute intro story and sounds. Solid pacing, almost a complete game. Nice bonus level editor and web 3 login.

Taufik Sani: Able to play as an animated Triska. There is a light storyline that involves Triska, as well as integrating a web3 leaderboard.

3. Toki

Paul Gadi: Very enjoyable platformer, with innovative use of your weapon to stop time platforming elements. That last level was brutal, but fun. Music is a bop, sound of shooting the gun is very satisfying.

Taufik Sani: Tutorial integrates Arcadian images as an overlay, and creates a Arcadia storyline out of the Arcadian. However, the playable character itself isn't an Arcadian.

4. Arcadian Arena

Paul Gadi: Very ambitious, good integration with gd.games authentication. Adding more polish such as juiciness / feedback on collisions and fixing the camera when user dies would make it better. Great use of arcadian assets for the intro and the breakdown of parts for the player.

Taufik Sani: I like how the still Arcadian images were made into a fast-paced game intro. Arcadian is playable as a moving character. Moving animation not as smooth. Leaderboard integration.

5. Chrono Guards

Paul Gadi: Well-paced levels, great sounds and inventive lore. Nice vertical slice of gameplay, I can imagine new powers and more lore as the levels progress.

Taufik Sani: Arcadian integrated as a still image. Storyline of the game involves the Arcadian.

6. Arcadian Guy vs Hypnosis Mage

Paul Gadi: Nice tweening animations, catchy music. Nice rhythm-based gameplay, would be cool to see what other mechanics can be built on the base game.

Taufik Sani: It is a pulsating image of the Arcadian, as well as a shadow of an Arcadian mage. The pulse and the pendulum swing makes me a little bit dizzy.

Overlord's Arena Challenge by Overlord winners

  1. 1. Birds!
  2. 2. Chrono Robot
  3. 3. Toki
  4. 4. Chrono Guards

Below you can read the feedback from the experts: Allan Patel, Joe Carnell, and Dominic Smith.

1. Birds!

Allan Patel: Interesting integration of both lore and assets. Great work!

2. Chrono Robot

Allan Patel: Good work, I think the integration is satisfactory. The game is quite fun, would have love to see more characters integrated from Overlord.

3. Toki

Allan Patel: There's an NPC in the game that's from Overlord, but doesn't really count as integration. Would have loved to see the playable character as the Overlord or Creepz.

4. Chrono Guards

Allan Patel: No lore + assets integrated, including the name does not count as lore.

Interoperability Challenge winners

Top5 picks

Each expert picked their favourite top5 games from all that has been submitted this year.

Tim Sulmone

  1. 1. Echoes in Time: Love the music, and how the timer system works with echos; creates a challenging gameplay experience.
  2. 2. Timekeeper: Excelent mechanics with cleaning webs to affect the dynamic objects.
  3. 3. Potion Panic: Good use of a physics engine and graphics. Was surprised to see it this intuitive in a web game. Also great music. Nice job!
  4. 4. Slush: Fun gameplay mechanics. Wonderful effects used to signify gameover. Good Music. Sometimes death screen effects can be glitchy upon respawn.
  5. 5. Cowboy Conundrum: Good dialogue, tells a story. Also good use of time mechanics.