Why Gambling on the go grows in popularity

Gambling on the go is gaining increasing popularity and it is easy to understand why. Rather than go to brick and mortar venues to wager, players simply connect to the Internet and play, regardless of where they are and what time of the day it is. In fact, mobile gambling has become so popular that it trumps the land-based casino industry in revenues – and the latter has even experienced a drop in revenues due to mobile gaming’s increasing popularity.

But it is not only the land-based casino industry that is decreasing in popularity – PC gambling is becoming obsolete as well. And although this was another anticipated trend, some find it difficult to understand why would players prefer their phones’ small screens over their computers’ big and convenient monitors. The reason is simple – phones offer the chance to gamble anytime, anyplace, without having to carry laptops or other devices.

Years ago, people had to travel miles to gamble. Today, gambling is as easy as buying a sandwich.

What has made gambling on the go possible?

First of all, the number of people using a mobile device nowadays is bigger than ever, and statistics show that this tendency will keep on increasing. What is interesting is that the more mobile phone technology advances, the less people use their mobiles for calls, which was their original purpose. Rather than using our phones for calls, we use their newer, modernised bright screens for casino games. Naturally, mobile phone companies have to keep up with this trend to be successful, and, catering our needs, they manufacture phones that do not differ from mini-computers.

According to statistics, adults spend about two and a half hours on their phones per day. Further, some people can not pass a day without using their mobile devices. Taking everything into consideration, casinos with good payout can not let the opportunity to attract gamblers via mobile devices slip away, and so they have begun developing mobile-friendly online casinos. On top of all, even gaming software companies such as Microgaming and Playtech have started developing games that are suitable for our phones’ small screens.

To sum up, knowing that people have grown to prefer their mobiles over any other device, casino operators have spread out of the PC gaming world and entered the mobile gaming realm. And that has proved to be a great success.

Why players like gambling on the go?

To begin with, mobile gambling proposes a unique game divergence. Players can choose whatever game they like the most and play it at their leisure. Mobile games include all the games that can be seen at brick-and-mortar casinos, including table games like Roulette, Blackjack and Three Hand Poker, video slots, etc. What makes mobile games great is they can run on virtually any device – a feature that would not have been available without the help of their developers.

Secondly, mobile gambling is convenient. There are thousands of gambling games available for mobile devices nowadays, and people are more likely to grab their phones and start placing bets than go to the local casino to do so. What is more, a large portion of these games can be played without real money, which is perfect for everyone who is weary of spending their money on casinos. Additionally, mobile gambling games have user-friendly design and stunning animations, which guarantees players a unique gaming experience wherever they are.

With this in mind, mobile gambling comes as an alternative for people with social anxiety issues as well. Believe it or not, some gamblers are not so comfortable being among others. And there are always those who prefer remote gambling. Mobile gambling facilitates the needs of such people. What is more, new game technologies have made it possible for remote gamblers to have a fulfilling gambling experience that is in no way different than that of traditional gamblers.

Last, but not least, gambling on the go is used increasingly to connect people. Many gaming operators’ games are featured in social media, which makes them easy to share among friends. In fact, operators’ ingenious decision to feature gambling games in social media has made wagering games some of the most played mobile applications. What is unique about the social gambling feature of mobile gaming is that friends can compete with each other, compare results and try to outperform themselves.

Who gambles on the go?

According to researchers, among the main reasons for mobile gambling’s popularity is that it is user-friendly. Unlike wagering at brick-and-mortar casinos which requires some effort, mobile wagering is done with a few touches on a mobile’s screen. Being so easy to do, mobile gambling has attracted a younger gambling public – people between 25 and 34 years of age are said to be the most dedicated mobile gamblers. In comparison, the average age for gamblers at land-based venues is 35 years.