February 18th - March 18th 2021

Gamedev.js Survey: State of the HTML5 Game Development in 2021

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The Idea

We want to learn how are you building Web games in 2021.

The Timeframe

Open for a month between February 18th and March 18th 2021.

The Prizes

Win $600: 6 × $50 cash and 10 × 6-month Coil membership plans.

The idea behind the Survey

Enclave Games is conducting a Survey as part of the Gamedev.js initiative to learn about the current state of the HTML5 Game Development in 2021 - where the developers work, what tools do they use, how much do they earn, and much more.

Important dates

The Survey is open for a month between Thursday February 18th and March 18th 2021, and the results will be published a week later, on March 25th 2021. Please share it with others in your community - the boarder the audience and the more answers to the questions, the better the results we will publicly (and anonymously) publish.

Prizes you can win

If you do leave your email address (which is optional), you will have a chance to get one of the six cash prizes worth $50 each ($300 total), wired through PayPal, and ten Coil subscription plans (worth $5 a month for 6 months, $300 total) thanks to the support we have from the Grant for the Web program this Survey is participating in. That's $600 worth of prizes to give away!

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