Micropolis is a WebAssembly, WebGL, and SvelteKit experiment based on the original SimCity Classic from Maxis, designed by Will Wright, ported by Don Hopkins. Drag left button to pan, spin mouse wheel to zoom. Letter keys load various cities, tab to generate. The brackets lower and raise the tax rate.…Read…
Harvest Horizons by Ian Lomas is the ultimate idle farming adventure. You’re starting your journey with a modest patch of fertile land and a handful of wheat seeds to your disposal. Plant your wheat, nurture it, and watch your farm flourish! The Harvest Horizons game revolves around planting and harvesting…Read…
Base-defending arcade shooter, Utopia Must Fall offers rapid progression, randomly generated attack patterns and laser-sharp retro aesthetics. Defend humanity’s last metropolis from mysterious alien machinations. The current early access version includes enough enemy and upgrade types to support a wide variety of build strategies. It generally takes 5-10 hours to…Read…
CosmoPirates game that was in development by the BlackMoon Design studio using Phaser for the past two years was finally released on Steam. Build your deck using cards, ships, items and crew! Explore a generated galaxy roguelike style. Fight gruesome battles against the medley of space scum! You can grab…Read…
Jumblie is a word search game built by Cassidy Williams with new words and themes daily, similar to the famous Wordle. Click on the letters (or type them on your keyboard) to spell a word. When you have a word you want to submit, click the “Submit” button. If the…Read…
REPUNK is an off-road indie adventure set on Mars, made by solo developer Almar. Originally started as a web game, it was recently released on Steam and is currently available with a 20% discount up until July 1st. Explore abandoned outposts on the surface of Mars, driving a nuclear powered…Read…
This game, created using the Phaser game framework, is a clever tower defense game about strategy – currently available on Steam with a free demo on In the haunted town of Drobeta, an evil ghost named Arbella Stuart has been terrorizing the residents for centuries. As the town’s only…Read…
The classic RPG game Fallout 2 is getting a fan-made remake in 3D by Jonasz Osmenda – the pre-alpha build can be downloaded, but also played directly in the browser. Every week I’m adding new mechanics to the game. The project is for the browser and the desktop, soon with…Read…
Athena Crisis, a modern retro turn-based strategy game that was built with Web technologies by Christoph Nakazawa and is available in an Early Access on Steam, goes Open Source. Today we’re open-sourcing the code of Athena Crisis under the MIT License, and together with Polar we’re funding $10,000 worth of…Read…
Bullet Bunny was developed by Penusbmic using GDevelop game engine – you can play the demo on and buy the full game on Steam. Twin-stick shooter with rogue-like elements. Fend off an onslaught of enemies, level up, and create unique builds every run while trying to survive 500 seconds.…Read…

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