OGMO Editor is an open source editor that is free to use for personal and commercial projects, made for indie game developers by indie game developers. Every feature of OGMO Editor contributes to an intuitive, holistic, project based workflow. Project data flows down to all of your level files, which…Read…
Fabric.js, a simple and powerful Javascript HTML5 Canvas library, recently released its version 6.0. Fabric provides interactive object model on top of Canvas element, and has SVG-to-Canvas (and Canvas-to-SVG) parser. This brings back memories as I’ve made something called Falsy Values Fabric Tetris back in 2011, which was a Tetris…Read…
Litecanvas, similar to Kontra or LittleJS, is a lightweight HTML5 Canvas engine suitable for small games and animations. This egine was made for people who enjoy coding: there is no fancy interface, no visual helpers, no gui tools… just coding. The sources are on GitHub – you can check the…Read…
WarmeY2K is a game engine dedicated to indie games, with a free core engine and paid bundle containing 20 different game templates. It provide an easy way to build web based games by retrieve a traditional way to make “old-school” games like PS1/PS2/XBOX years in a modern Typescript & HTML5,…Read…
Kaplay is the next iteration of the popular JavaScript library Kaboom.js which was recently let go and then picked up by the community right after: On 21 May 2024 we took the decision to create this spiritual successor of Kaboom.js, being also a fork of it. This was due to…Read…
OWLS16 is a fantasy console framework designed to let you easily make retro games. The language is JavaScript, with an API that closely matches the popular Pico-8. Fantasy consoles are always limited in their scope, meant to mimic older systems. This console has specific requirements defined by the LoSpec Jam…Read…
Since the inception of the Phaser Studio at the beginning of this year, the team is working hard on delivering multiple projects, tools, and templates: Explorer, Sandbox, Phaser by Example eBook, Editor trial, Playable Ads plugin, Compressor, Beam, and multiple framework and bundler Templates. Explorer Quickly browse both the Phaser…Read…
A Unity like environment to create web apps and games with Three.js, Rogue Engine, was created by P. Martin Ortiz and it follows a component-based approach. Create re-usable components to easily collaborate with team members. A platform meant for the web. Your exported project is exactly as in the editor.…Read…
There’s a series of tools around the concept of Bytebeat music, including online composers, js13kGames-themed players, and an album. Bytebeat music (or one-liner music) was invented in September 2011. They’re generally a piece of rhythmic and somewhat melodic music with no score, no instruments, and no real oscillators. It’s simply…Read…
Created by Verekia, this MIT licensed gamedev toolkit aims to make web game development easier for folks using React and React Three Fiber. Mana Potion consists of: @manapotion/react: React listeners, store, and hooks @manapotion/browser: Browser API helpers @manapotion/r3f: React Three Fiber WebGPU canvas @manapotion/util: General gamedev utilities manapotion: All of…Read…

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