A js13kGames entry from 2021 made by Dominik Szablewski, Q1K3, was rediscovered by YouTuber ThePrimeTime – in an hour long video he went through the Making Of blog post while adding his own comments, and playing the game itself at the end. Features: – 2 Levels – 5 Types of…Read…
The classic RPG game Fallout 2 is getting a fan-made remake in 3D by Jonasz Osmenda – the pre-alpha build can be downloaded, but also played directly in the browser. Every week I’m adding new mechanics to the game. The project is for the browser and the desktop, soon with…Read…
A Unity like environment to create web apps and games with Three.js, Rogue Engine, was created by P. Martin Ortiz and it follows a component-based approach. Create re-usable components to easily collaborate with team members. A platform meant for the web. Your exported project is exactly as in the editor.…Read…
There’s a series of tools around the concept of Bytebeat music, including online composers, js13kGames-themed players, and an album. Bytebeat music (or one-liner music) was invented in September 2011. They’re generally a piece of rhythmic and somewhat melodic music with no score, no instruments, and no real oscillators. It’s simply…Read…
The video containing best entries from the js13kGames 2021 competition narrated by Ania Kubów from freeCodeCamp is now available to be watched on their YouTube channel. You are just about to learn about 20 great examples of code from 20 insanely talented developers. The authors of those games are sharing…Read…
The long-awaited Ethereum blockchain-based card game built with HTML5, SkyWeaver, get’s its reveal trailer finally published on YouTube. You can watch the video to get the feeling of what’s coming – the game is currently available in early access. Welcome to SkyWeaver! A worldwide competitive trading card game from another…Read…
How is this speedrun possible?

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