This game, created using the Phaser game framework, is a clever tower defense game about strategy – currently available on Steam with a free demo on In the haunted town of Drobeta, an evil ghost named Arbella Stuart has been terrorizing the residents for centuries. As the town’s only…Read…
Since the inception of the Phaser Studio at the beginning of this year, the team is working hard on delivering multiple projects, tools, and templates: Explorer, Sandbox, Phaser by Example eBook, Editor trial, Playable Ads plugin, Compressor, Beam, and multiple framework and bundler Templates. Explorer Quickly browse both the Phaser…Read…
The overall winners of Gamedev.js Jam 2024 were announced yesterday, and now we’re publishing the rankings of all four Challenges – if you participated in any of them, check out your standings below. Open Source Challenge by GitHub Build it with Phaser Challenge by Phaser Studio NPC Challenge by OP…Read…
Our fifth yearly edition of Gamedev.js Jam is over – let’s announce the overall winners picked by developers who submitted their entries! The 2024 edition ended up with 2790 devs joined on Itch, 238 games submitted, and 6050 ratings cast. Thank you to every single one who participated! Here’s the…Read…
The Gamedev.js Jam 2024, fifth yearly edition of an online competition for web game developers, starts NOW! You have exactly thirteen days (between April 13th and 26th) to build an entry (solo or in a team) on a given theme (announced just below) and submit it through Itch to win…Read…
This year’s Gamedev.js Jam starting April 13th will have four optional Challenges with extra prizes, and this time you won’t be able to go for ALL of them, since using Phaser and squeezing your entry into a 13 kilobyte zip package are mutually exclusive, but there should be a lot…Read…
Written by Andre Garzia, the book Roguelike Development with JavaScript: Build and Publish Roguelike Genre Games with JavaScript and Phaser published by Apress is available on Amazon as both the paper print and an ebook. Go on an adventure and build a roguelike from scratch using JavaScript. With the help…Read…
CosmoPirates is an impressive game built with Web technologies that is out on Steam and will be released soon – the current plan targets the second quarter of 2024. CosmoPirates takes the card battling, deck building genre to the final frontier of cartoonish comedy in the endless, colorful space! Explore…Read…
The recent Vampire Survivors update brings unique goodies: new bonus stage Space 54 with a whole bunch of enemies, the Space Dude character (yup, the “Phaser” Dude), four weapons including Phas3r, and multiple achievements inspired by the framework Phaser which the game itself was originally built with. I don’t usually…Read…
Blitz:Build is a fast and lightweight cloud build toolbox originally created for PlayCanvas, but now expanding to other game engines and frameworks, with Phaser and PixiJS on the roadmap. Gain access to a powerful cloud toolbox for rapid game development. Get insights into the current state of all projects. Deploy…Read…

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