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Since the inception of the Phaser Studio at the beginning of this year, the team is working hard on delivering multiple projects, tools, and templates: Explorer, Sandbox, Phaser by Example eBook, Editor trial, Playable Ads plugin, Compressor, Beam, and multiple framework and bundler Templates.


Quickly browse both the Phaser API Documentation and all of the Phaser Examples, from a single interface.


Easily create, fork and share your Phaser code in a new Sandbox.

Phaser by Example ebook

A brand-new free 500 page book on game development with Phaser. Learn by building shoot-em-ups, puzzle games, rogue-likes and more.

Editor trial

Explorer the features of Phaser Editor in this fully loaded trial, without even leaving your browser.

Playable Ads plugin

Our new unified Playable Ads Template is now available and supports 10 major ad networks.

Phaser Compressor

Use our powerful new web-based tool to crunch your Phaser bundles down by up to 60%, enabling only the features your game requires.

Phaser Beam

Read about development of the brand new WebGL Renderer, Phaser Beam, and experiment with it in our Sandbox.


Framework project templates for React, Vue, Angular, Svelte, NextJS, and SolidJS, bundler project templates for Vite, Webpack, ESBuild, Rollup, Parcel, and Import Map, plus all those variations in TypeScript.

It’s also worth noting that the Phaser Studio restarted the Phaser World newsletter and was having a Build it with Phaser challenge in Gamedev.js Jam 2024 which resulted in 49 entries.

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