OGMO Editor is an open source editor that is free to use for personal and commercial projects, made for indie game developers by indie game developers. Every feature of OGMO Editor contributes to an intuitive, holistic, project based workflow. Project data flows down to all of your level files, which…Read…
The Horror Challenge #8 from Yahaha will be hosted over this upcoming weekend (June 19th-22nd) on where you can win cash prizes for using the Horror Game Kit 1.5 and following the Amusement Park Thrills theme. Welcome to the ultimate challenge, where you’ll have the chance to create the…Read…
Harvest Horizons by Ian Lomas is the ultimate idle farming adventure. You’re starting your journey with a modest patch of fertile land and a handful of wheat seeds to your disposal. Plant your wheat, nurture it, and watch your farm flourish! The Harvest Horizons game revolves around planting and harvesting…Read…
WarmeY2K is a game engine dedicated to indie games, with a free core engine and paid bundle containing 20 different game templates. It provide an easy way to build web based games by retrieve a traditional way to make “old-school” games like PS1/PS2/XBOX years in a modern Typescript & HTML5,…Read…
The first ever game jam dedicated entirely to the LittleJS game engine made by Frank Force (JS Gamedev Summit 2023 speaker and minimal Bytebeat album author) will be happening for a month between November 11th and December 12th 2024 on This event is an exciting opportunity to unleash your creativity and develop…Read…
REPUNK is an off-road indie adventure set on Mars, made by solo developer Almar. Originally started as a web game, it was recently released on Steam and is currently available with a 20% discount up until July 1st. Explore abandoned outposts on the surface of Mars, driving a nuclear powered…Read…
OWLS16 is a fantasy console framework designed to let you easily make retro games. The language is JavaScript, with an API that closely matches the popular Pico-8. Fantasy consoles are always limited in their scope, meant to mimic older systems. This console has specific requirements defined by the LoSpec Jam…Read…
This game, created using the Phaser game framework, is a clever tower defense game about strategy – currently available on Steam with a free demo on In the haunted town of Drobeta, an evil ghost named Arbella Stuart has been terrorizing the residents for centuries. As the town’s only…Read…
Brand new t-shirt is now available in our Shop, and similarly to the 2023 one it follows this year’s theme: Power! This means the Shop now holds four different t-shirt designs: – Gamedev.js Jam – Gamedev.js Jam 2023: Time – Gamedev.js Jam 2024: Power – Gamedev.js Weekly There’s a 15%…Read…
Our fifth yearly edition of Gamedev.js Jam is over – let’s announce the overall winners picked by developers who submitted their entries! The 2024 edition ended up with 2790 devs joined on Itch, 238 games submitted, and 6050 ratings cast. Thank you to every single one who participated! Here’s the…Read…

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