Play and give feedback to js13kGames 2023 entries

The submission deadline for entering the online js13kGames 2023 competition was September 13th, and 163 games were accepted. Now we’re having the voting period up until October 4th when the winners will be selected, and then announced on the next day during live Awards Ceremony. The voting power have those who submitted their entries, and experts are providing their comments, but even if you haven’t participated, you can still help.

Anyone with a GitHub account can log in to the voting app and leave constructive feedback to fellow devs of what they liked in a given game, and what they think could’ve been done a bit better. Keep in mind we’ve introduced a new feature where you (or the author, or anyone else) can reply to comments and receive email notifications about it for extra engagement.

Visit the voing app, play the wonderful games there and leave lovely feedback to their authors, thank you!

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