Kingfall – upcoming fantasy MMORPG

The project TrueValhalla and his team was working on for the past few years is finally taking shape and stepping out of the shadows. It also pivots towards NFTs and will be deployed on the Flow blockchain.

Your adventure of a lifetime. Take control of a vast, exciting, unknown world. Uncover hidden treasures and build your own thriving empire.

It’s very early stage, but TrueValhalla is well known in the community for his dedication to building a business around HTML5 games, so the project itself should definitely be on your radar. For now you can join the discussion on their Discord and wait for more announcements that should go out soon.



  1. Frangler says:

    Yet another NFT project where they’ve just taken the money and run. 2 days in, the site was put into maintenance and everything was deleted. Looks like another NFT scam.

  2. Austin says:

    Been following TrueValhalla for over a decade. I paid $35 for a party crown to support the game’s development. I don’t really care about the money, but I’m so disappointed in him. He turned out to be the opposite of who I thought he was. If anyone here put real money into the game, I’m sorry 🙁

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