Bouncing munchies prototype

Let’s start a new category/series on the website – Prototypes. Each post will introduce a new game prototype you can look into to learn how to build it, or use the source code for your own needs.

This prototype has a world selector, each world is divided by a level grid.
Each world it’s simple to customize, you need only to change the bi-dimensional array at the top of the script (using a simple legenda that show you what you can put in this array).
The goal of the game is defined in the first level of each world: you have to tap the screen or click the left button of the mouse, to stop the rotation of your avatar and make him run to your preferred direction. Your avatar must collect the boxes shown on each first level.
Each world repeat the same level structure of the previous, more levels are added for each new feature.
You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for commercial purpose, please, change the graphic/music/fx assets I’ve used (these are Opengameart’s assets, for the credits see the Prototypes HUB section).
Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks.

Play it online or see the video footage: vid1, vid2, vid3, vid4.

Download the source code:

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