Cards and action free to use prototype

You have to tap on the screen (or move the mouse on the game area) and all your minions (small green octopus) will try to join the selected point.
The goal is to protect the monoliths at the bottom of the game area.
The game end when all minions are dead or all the monoliths have been destroyed.
The enemies are rocks, missiles (need more collisions to be destroyed), the alien mothership (the minion that destroy it, also die)
There are some random cards at the bottom of the game area, with differents effects when used (click or tap on them): more minions, multiple bullet that destroy all enemies, lightning bolt to destroy the nearest enemies (just tap or click), etc.
There is also a spinnig wheel that rotate when you collect the star (it’s only decorative, you can customize it as you like).
The spinnig wheel came from an old Feronato’s tutorial.
The minions movement, came from the Game Mechanics Explorer.
You can use my script as you want, they are free. If you use this prototype for commercial purpose, please, change the graphic/music/fx assets I’ve used (these are Opengameart‘s assets, for the credits see the Prototypes HUB section).
Please, let me know if you use my scripts, thanks.

Play it online:

Download the source code:

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