Gamedev.js Jam 2020 winners announced!

After 13 days of development, and 7 days of voting, the winners of the very first edition of the Gamedev.js Jam were finally announced! We had 220 people joined the jam, who submitted 44 entries, and given 683 votes during judging time!

The overall ranking is based on the summary of the criteria: Innovation, Theme, Gameplay, Graphics, and Audio.

  1. Interstellar Connection by Celia, Rose
  2. Destination: Nowwanus by kosinaz
  3. DigiDistance by Ivolutio
  4. Plans by Lfzinho
  5. Scrap City Scoops by TheoClarke
  6. SPACEWIZARD: A Wizard in Space by Silv-R Dev
  7. Space Farmer by Mikeeyy
  8. Recycle | No Future Without It by Vladimir Ivanov
  9. A11C – Anarchy by federicojacobi
  10. Hope For Tomorrow by NANIkisunami
  11. Time Is Money™ by piesku, michalbe, stas
  12. ACME Time Fixers by mccordinator
  13. Arena Futura by tehsquidge
  14. Time Guitar by Stiggstogg
  15. Beyond The Rift by fanlix
  16. Time Daze by SpaceMarco
  17. Tetrivoice by elocnat
  18. Reach Future Sky by Deepvelooperz
  19. Gate : Forward by purul3nt
  20. Slime Love (Demo) by Kyriakos Farris

Congratulations! You can see the full results here.

Best entries won the prizes:

Expect emails with the coupon codes in the next few days.

It’s also worth noting who won in respective categories:

I hope you enjoyed the Jam, and we’ll see you taking part next time! Don’t forget about our Discord, which is open all year to Web gamedevs wanting to chat about their creations.

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