js13kGames 2022 is on!

The eleventh edition of the online js13kGames competition has started – you have a whole month between August 13th and September 13th to build an HTML5 game that will fit within 13 kilobytes zip package.

As usual, we have a whole lot of prizes you can win (including a Game Boy in a frame) and a panel of experts to give feedback to your entries. The three extra categories are again WebXR (with Valve Index as the main prize), Web Monetization ($1300 cash from Coil), and Decentralized (~$8000 total worth of coins). There’s also the new js13kGames 2022 t-shirt which will be given away for free to top100 entries.

The new project introduced this year is js13kBreakouts – a GitHub repository with Breakout games created using various libraries/engines/templates. Those are Kontra, LittleJS, and Goodluck. You can watch the recording of the Kick-off meetup where all three were introduced by their authors.

Good luck and have fun!

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