Javascript Game Dev to build a word game

If you’re looking for a remote contract opportunity, then cf. would like to have their word game, Wurd, recreated in JavaScript:

cf. is a startup with the mission “to make information fun, fair, and accessible”. We want to help people find all the things they find interesting on the internet, hand-curated but without agenda.

On our app, we have a couple of Unity games but since lots of people on mobile access us through our website we want to build games in JavaScript that will run smoothly on phone browsers as well as on desktop browsers.

In particular we want to start by remaking our word guessing game Wurd for the web. We know Unity but we don’t know JavaScript – thus we’d love to hire someone to work with us on this. We’re open to changing the look and feel to be more appropriate for js and really, we’re open to your input on how we go about this.

Interested? Check out this design brief and get in touch with David Farrell.


  1. Kiffin Gish says:

    Are you still looking for someone?

    If so then I might be the right person!

    My knowledge of Unity isn’t so good, but my knowledge of javascript is nearly infinite.

    Hope to hear from you soon!


  2. End3r says:

    Well, you can reach David to find out 🙂

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