Report on the current state of Web Game Development in 2022

Results of the Gamedev.js Survey 2022 were published today – we’ve received a total of 338 filled surveys, answering 28 different, optional questions each. It was the second edition, which started in 2021, so you can compare the reports if you’re curious about the trends between a year ago and now.

We were wondering what tools and technologies people use to develop web games, how much do they earn, what monetization strategies are they using, and more. There was almost no up-to-date, solid data on the topic, so we decided to ask the community directly and publish the results afterwards.

Gamedev.js Survey 2022: What country do you live in and work from?
The first Survey in 2021 added two Web Monetization questions, while the second in 2022 added two about blockchains. Crypto along with NFTs is a controversial topic, but it’s here to stay, so we wanted to learn what the community thinks about it. Given those answers it feels it’s not that bad after all, but there’s definitely room for improvements.
Gamedev.js Survey 2022: How do you feel about blockchain ⁄ crypto ⁄ NFTs coming into gamedev space?

Thank you to every single one of you who sent a response, promoted the Survey through your community, or in any other way helped make it happen – we really appreciate it!

You are free to use any data listed in the Report, but please give credit and link to the original source when using it, thanks!


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