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After the first two editions in 2021 and 2022, the Gamedev.js Survey is returning in 2023 right before the end of the year. The insights collected in the past years were used by many web gamedev companies, and to keep doing that we need fresh, relevant data. Thanks to your…Read…
The Gamedev.js Jam 2023 starts… NOW! This is the fourth edition of our online web game development competition – you have exactly thirteen days between April 13th, 5 PM CEST and April 26th, 5 PM CEST to build an HTML5 game and submit it through Itch to win cool prizes!…Read…
Results of the Gamedev.js Survey 2022 were published today – we’ve received a total of 338 filled surveys, answering 28 different, optional questions each. It was the second edition, which started in 2021, so you can compare the reports if you’re curious about the trends between a year ago and…Read…
Right now, on April 13th 2022 at 5 PM CEST the third yearly online competition, Gamedev.js Jam 2022, begins! You have exactly 13 days (up until April 26th) to create a Web game on a given theme (revealed at the bottom of this post) and submit it through to…Read…
After the success of the first Survey back in 2021, which provided a lot of insights into our community, it’s time to run the second one and learn the current state of the Web Game Development in 2022. Gamedev.js Survey 2022 is open between March 18th and April 18th. Please…Read…

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