The 2018 Procedural Generation Jam

PROCJAM is an annual event celebrating generative software – getting computers to make music, stories, pictures, jokes, videogames or anything else you can think of. Hundreds of people take part in our nine-day events, mixing experts trying out new ideas and technology and newcomers experimenting with generative software for the first time. Each event is packed with ideas, energy, friendly people and amazing projects.

PROCJAM is more than just a jam, though – our mission is to bring generative software communities together, and to make their ideas and technology as accessible and welcoming as possible. We’ve created free art packs, streamed and archived expert talks, funded tutorials and translated them into multiple languages, and created a zine written by the PROCJAM community. We want to keep growing, supporting our community and welcoming new people into it, and you can help us by funding our Kickstarter for some exciting 2018 projects!

Support the project on Kickstarter.

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