Hyperledger Foundation’s grant for a mini game exploring decentralized identity and payments

There’s an opportunity to tackle the problem of decentralized identity and payments through a mini game (created specifically for this purpose or an already existing one) with the help of a grant being part of the Hyperledger Foundation Mentorship Program.

This project is meant to serve as a proof-of-concept for implementing decentralized identity and payment rails in the gaming (and by extension a future metaverse) ecosystem. This project has the following distinctive goals:
1. Implement a mini game project as a proof-of-concept (POC) that demonstrates use of decentralized identity and payment systems using Hyperledger chains such as Indy & Aries for Identity and Firefly for digital assets.
2. Conduct research on existing methods used for identity and payments and how use of Hyperledger blockchains can provide utility functions in such ecosystems.
3. Conduct research and coding on how this game project can implement digital wallets for storing credentials and digital assets using design principles and recommendations from the Open Wallet Foundation.

You will get paid a stipend if you will be selected for the project, but you have a few days left to reach out to Sandy Aggarwal, who is the mentor of the project. You can ping him on our Discord – his username is sandywalls#3693.

Ps. You can watch Sandy’s talk about it at the W3C Games CG that happened in April.

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