Open Mini Games – on the path to fix discoverability

Tom Greenaway from Google created a GitHub repository called Open Mini Games (kudos to the acronym – OMG), where folks that are interested in pushing the discoverability of HTML5 games can join the discussion.

The Open Mini Games (OMG) format is a proposal to define a set of combined minimum requirements that game developers can implement when developing a game that is playable in a web browser or a client which renders HTML5 content.

The aim of the requirements is to provide the information necessary to surface a web game in a standardized manner on discovery platforms such as browsers but also embedded platforms.

In theory, the combination of these requirements will enable catalogs of web games to be collected, filtered and surfaced to end users.

The final representations of the games should be meaningingful concise to end users and showcase the games in a manner that users have become familiar with when browsing general game catalog interfaces – such as Steam, Google Play or the Apple App Store.

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