The newly formed OP Guild is bringing you the very first collaboration: with its own sister publishing platform, Arcadia! is the home for OP Guild members where they can showcase their games – whether created as part of any game jam or competition, or entirely independently. That’s why to…Read…
The Gamedev.js Jam 2024, fifth yearly edition of an online competition for web game developers, starts NOW! You have exactly thirteen days (between April 13th and 26th) to build an entry (solo or in a team) on a given theme (announced just below) and submit it through Itch to win…Read…
In a month from now, on April 13th 2024, the fifth edition of Gamedev.js Jam will be hosted online on! You’ll have 13 days to create a Web game on a given theme announced at the start of the Jam. There will be cool prizes, unique Challenges, and lots…Read…
The Gamedev.js Jam 2023 starts… NOW! This is the fourth edition of our online web game development competition – you have exactly thirteen days between April 13th, 5 PM CEST and April 26th, 5 PM CEST to build an HTML5 game and submit it through Itch to win cool prizes!…Read…

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