Spark on-chain NPCs

During the recent NPC Day at ETH Denver, the OP Games team presented a new project: Spark. It revolves around the concept of enhancing Non-Player Characters of on-chain games with the power of AI.

This innovative approach promises to breathe new life into NPCs, transforming them into dynamic, evolving entities capable of forming complex relationships with players. But the impact goes beyond individual characters; it holds the potential to revolutionize the entire gaming industry by addressing fundamental issues of ownership, value distribution, and creative freedom.

The basis of this idea is the ERC-6551 standard which offers the ability of an NFT to manage it’s own wallet, allowing holding the equipment, managing transactions, and a whole new level of in-game interactions. Especially that AI can now breathe life into the characters as well.

Read more about it in the OP Games blog post if you’re interested, and make sure to check the demo as well.

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