Best entries from all the Challenges in Gamedev.js Jam 2023

We’ve announced the overall winners of Gamedev.js Jam 2023 yesterday, and today we’re publishing the rankings of all six Challenges – if you participated in any of them, check out your standing bellow.

Winners were picked by dedicated experts assigned to given Challenges.

Open Source Challenge by GitHub

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Open Source Challenge

In partnership with GitHub, prize pool: $500 in GitHub shop vouchers. Judges: Michelle Mannering, Ewa Mazur, Ania Kubów – check out their feedback.

Flash Revival Challenge by CrazyGames

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Flash Revival Challenge

In partnership with CrazyGames, prize pool: publishing deal and 2750 EUR. Judges: Raf Mertens, Rafael Morgan – check out their feedback.

Web3 Challenge by Game7

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Web3 Challenge

In partnership with Game7, prize pool: 5000 USDC. Judges: Leon Do, Brett Cleary – check out their feedback.

Arcadians Challenge by OP Games

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Arcadians Challenge

In partnership with OP Games, prize pool: 1500 USDC and 3 Arcadians NFTs. Judges: Paul Gadi, Taufik Sani – check out their feedback.

Overlord’s Arena Challenge by Overlord

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Overlord's Arena Challenge

In partnership with Overlord, prize pool: 1 genesis Creepz NFT (~$2500). Judges: Allan Patel, Joe Carnell, Dominic Smith – check out their feedback.

Interoperability Challenge

Gamedev.js Jam 2023 - Interoperability Challenge

In partnership with OP Games, Overlord, Game7. Prize pool: 500 USDC and 3 Arcadians NFTs. Judges: Paul Gadi, Allan Patel.


That’s it! Thank you to all who joined the Challenges, I hope you enjoyed participating! As you can see, going for multiple Challenges at once with a single entry can be quite profitable, given the combined prizes from the partners. You’ll be contacted via emails provided when submitting entries through Itch – prizes will be sent in the coming days.

Don’t forget to join Gamedev.js Jam 2024 on Itch to not miss it next year, visit our Discord to talk with fellow devs, subscribe to the Gamedev.js Weekly newsletter, and buy some cool swag from our Shop if you want to support us – thanks!

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