Gamedev.js Jam 2021 winners!

I’m happy to announce the winners of the Gamedev.js Jam 2021 were published – congratulations to the best ones, and to all who submitted!

  1. Flip Flop by FeatureKreep
  2. Sisão by Havana24
  3. ReflectoLabs Inc by Ardiam Games
  4. A Chat with the Lonely Girl Beyond the Mirror by Frances
  5. Beam Reflector by Dyariko
  6. Weird Reflections by Clockwork Pepper
  7. My Other Self by Lo3ba
  8. Dual lands by madmarcel
  9. Motion Replica by Kassem_m31
  10. Crooked Mirror Hacker by Omhet

Beside the overall results, don’t forget about the rankings based on criteria: Gameplay, Theme, Innovation, Graphics, and Audio. Prizes will be emailed in the coming days. Keep in mind experts needed two more days to vote, so the results from both the Web Monetization and Decentralized categories will be published on Wednesday, May 5th, at 5 PM CET (48 hours from now).

Thank you so much again for participating! We had 518 people joined, out of which 88 games were submitted, and we had 1339 votes sent. You can still join our Discord if you want to discuss your entry and get more feedback. Don’t forget about writing post mortems if you’d like to share your experiences, so other folks can learn what went good with your entry and what could’ve been improved.

I hope you had fun, thank you again and hope to see you next year!

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