Gamedev.js Jam’s 2022 Decentralized Challenge: MPL

The third Decentralized Challenge (after NEAR and IPFS) in Gamedev.js Jam 2022 is MPL – align your entry with the Martian Premier League Universe and win a total of 3250 USDC plus two Genesis Character NFTs. What does it mean “align with the MPL” in this case? Create something that will include Mars, Football, and/or Exploration in your entry!

Martian Premier League: Acclimatisation games.
The Genesis Explorers have landed on Mars, and need to get used to their new home. These could involve exploring & discovering Martian terrain, preparing for the upcoming Football season, or exploring the story & narrative behind the Martian Premier League. But above all use your imagination – what is it like to arrive on Mars?!

Requirements: Connection to the MPL Universe (Mars, Football, Exploration!).

Bonus points: usage of MPL assets, in-game NFTs.

Resources: learn more about the MPL from the Whitepaper, use the provided Artwork, and check out Genesis characters: MPL ERC721 Contract and Subgraph.

Experts: Adam Fuller and Tom Greene.

Prizes: 1000 USDC and MPL Genesis Character NFT for the first place, 750 USDC and MPL Genesis Character NFT for the second, and up to three runner ups with 500 USDC each.

Good luck and have fun!


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