Attend JSNation Live happening next month

The JSNation Live conference will be held online on June 18th-19th 2020. Two days packed with knowledge – you can expect more than 25 speakers sharing latest insights, and 25k devs attending from all over the globe.

Reserve a spot at JSNation Live happening on June 18-19, and see speakers / instructors like Tobias Koppers (Webpack), Orta Therox (TypeScript), Minko Gechev (Angular), Matteo Collina (Node.js) and many others. Besides top-notch talks, the event will also hold workshops, virtual networking, and an advice lounge where personal project can be discussed with experts.

Beside the conference, and the workshops, there’s even a QuakeJS Tournament scheduled for the event if you have a ticket, so be sure to check it out.


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