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Gaming Guild helps Web 3 projects build from the right foundations of trust, and working our way towards the nitty-gritty details of building not a game, but an experience of learning and growing through a game.

We’re proud to publicly share KERNEL’s Gaming Guild – a guild as old as KERNEL, brain child of Paul Gadi, born in KERNEL Genesis Block.

The curated set of resources and guided learning workshops will lead a learner (or a team) through the journey of developing games and being mindful of the art that is game-design.

It’s worth noting that every crypto project requires some thought into game design, as this is ultimately the best corollary to the token ecosystems we are creating in Web 3.

Apply to KERNEL Block 2, listing “Gaming Guild” in the referral field – keep in mind that applications close December 15th.

Read more at KERNEL.

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