Backcountry post mortem as a free ebook

In the summer of 2019, Michał Budzyński and Staś Małolepszy made Backcountry, an action point and click game about shooting bandits in the Wild West. The entire game fits in 13 KB.

Backcountry placed 18th in js13kGames 2019, a gamedev compo for browser games under 13 KB. It pushed us to learn about the Entity-Component-System architecture, WebGL’s instanced drawing, 3D projections, audio synthesis, compression, and many more. It was an amazing adventure.

It took them over 4 months, but today they are happy to have published an ebook about the game. It started as a post mortem, but quickly grew to also include 10 more chapters about the design and technical details.

Read more about it at

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