NSHex Counter – first of a few Neuroshima Hex specific apps is here

The new NSHex Counter application is available for free to all those who play Neuroshima Hex board game, especially if you participate in the Championships.

NSHex Counter is not even a game, but rather an app built using a game framework (Phaser v3 to be exact). It’s a highly specialized application for specific task, created for the Neuroshima Hex board game community.

NeuroshimaHex.pl fan site and Enclave Games studio now have something visible in common.

The app itself allows you to start a game between two armies and keep track of the current situation by checking out the tiles both sides have already drawn. Now you won’t have to remember if key tiles were already used, and how many of them your opponent still have. Also, the remaining ones have percentages next to them so you might predict what comes next.

Next on the list are: Randomizer, Roulette, and Aftermath.

Check the app at: nshex.enclavegames.com/counter/

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