Hosting Decentralized Jam entries

If you participated in Gamedev.js Jam‘s Decentralized category last year you already know that limits the basic capabilities of such entries (which are embedded in an iframe) to a point that to be able to connect to a crypto wallet you have to host your game somewhere else.

The good news are you have plenty of options to chose from: it can be as old and solid as GitHub Pages, your own hosting platform or online service, or you can take the advantage of the decentralized ones like IPFS, 4Everland, or Flux.

IPFS and Filecoin


IPFS is the InterPlanetary File System known for being the go-to protocol when you want to decentralize your games, apps and files in general – with Filecoin being the actual storage network. You can pick something like Pinata for a simple interface, or Web3 IMG if you only want to host images.


4Everland hosting

4Everland offers hosting a dApp (decentralized app) on their platform, which runs on top of IPFS and offers an ease of use through a convenient panel, plus there’s also a Bucket backup service which can come in handy – you can learn about both in this article.


Flux hosting

Flux also offers an easy way to deploy your game and have variety of benefits of doing so, like redundancy through scaling FluxNodes – make sure to check the details.

It’s up to you which option you’ll pick, but there are plenty to chose from – if you have any questions about those, feel free to join our Discord and ask!


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