Vampire Survivors updated with Phaser Dude

The recent Vampire Survivors update brings unique goodies: new bonus stage Space 54 with a whole bunch of enemies, the Space Dude character (yup, the “Phaser” Dude), four weapons including Phas3r, and multiple achievements inspired by the framework Phaser which the game itself was originally built with.

I don’t usually reveal details about the DEEP LORE of VS, but this time it’s worth making an exception, because part of this update is dedicated to… a game framework, Phaser! It was the original framework I used to make VS, is an absolute joy to use, and if I hadn’t loved working with it to begin with, I would have probably never made VS, so I thought it deserved a bit more than just a line in the credits.

Check out this trailer for a quick overview of what’s in the update. All the details can be found in the release notes, including a quote from Richard Davey, the author of the Phaser framework himself.

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