Excalibur SpriteFusion plugin

The Excalibur SpriteFusion plugin adds support for the Sprite Fusion lightweight Tilemap editor into the Excalibur.js TypeScript 2D game engine for the web.

The current Excalibur plugin is designed to parse all data provided by the Sprite Fusion JSON export format and make it available to users. Not all features may be supported directly in Excalibur but the majority are. The plugin officially supports the latest version of Sprite Fusion that has been published and will warn if you are using an older version.

Visit the GitHub repository to check the code, and read the documentation to learn about the details. The cool thing about this plugin is that the authors of both tools are right on our Discord – you can visit #excalibur and #spritefusion channels to talk with them directly about any feedback, bug reports or improvement suggestions!

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